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Telemarketing: Boon or bane?

The world of marketing faces many ups and downs, but emerging new trends over the course of time have given it a real boost. As the new technology emerges it becomes very difficult for the existing one to survive in the competitive market. The change in the industry is so fast that it is tough to fix to one mode of marketing, but practise of telemarketing is a long run player and is still one of the most used way to get in more customers to the business.


Let's have a brief idea about what telemarketing is: It is a telephone based - sales and marketing technique, which help companies to connect with potential customers to sell products and services. It is mainly of three types, include outbound calls, inbound calls, and lead generation. In this blog we will discuss about all these type of telemarketing one by one in brief.

  • Outbound calls: It is the practice of cold calling a potential customer or client to educate them on a product or service and convince them to purchase it. An outbound telemarketing caller tends to follow a script to drive more sales to the company. In other words it is calling the customers for the first time without any knowledge of whether they have an interest in the product ot not.

  • Inbound calls: Unlike outbound where agents directly reach out to customers to make a sale, inbound enables customers to contact the company when it best suits them, which could yield higher profitability in the long run. This involves customers initiating the first point of contact with a company.

  • Lead generation: Telemarketing leads are basically leads or the contact information that are either generated by or for telemarketing. These leads or prospects may be generated by cold calling or survey. Then compiling the data to a organised manner either on a CRM setup or any other management setup by the company.

3R’s of telemarketing


Telemarketing is basically making out calls and marketing any product or service to the potential customers but the secret lies in the quality of call and to whom it is made. Targeting the right audience can drive millions but calling wrong audience will shut the business. So it is very crucial to know the right audience for the product and how relevant the call is to them. If you try to sell a sports car for farming, then it is of now use to the farmer, similarly if you call a person who is not interested in your business then it is of no use.


Here rapport means building a strong relationship with the customer or client, keeping in mind & respecting their sentiments and feelings. Therefore, it is about how you say and what you say moreover depending on the choice of words and emotions you put forward to a customer to sell your product / service. There are few points to keep in mind while building a rapport with the customer:

  1. Humble tone

  2. Good listener

  3. Good at phrasing words

  4. Smiling face

  5. Think before speaking


Building a good relationship with the customer is a reward for the company. A good telemarketing call can be the beginning of an alluring, long-term or a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s not always important that you will get orders in bulk whereas receiving an individual order is also a great start to the business. If your relation with the customer is good then he will definitely trust you and will make more and more purchases. What all matter is how trustworthy you sound to the customer.

How does telemarketing outshine itself.

1. Convenient for clients

Reaching out to customers on call and delivering them the useful information about the business is more helpful and straight forward. It is a time saving and a clean and precise way to communicate with customer regarding any service or query.

2. Keep an eye on the trends chart

It helps to quantify the sort of audience/leads, converting into sales. Also help in better understanding the market and the associated fluctuating trend. It help to find the perfect audience type for the business.

3. Cost effective

It is one of the best alternatives for companies that don't want to spend millions on their team's travel and other hidden expenses for sales. They can have a BOP or a team for making out multiple calls in a day to potential customers from one office place and can generate revenue for the company.

4. Spontaneous action on feedback

As telemarketing is the direct way to reach out to any clients or customers, resulting in a fast response cycle. In addition to this, it empowers companies to make quick decisions to satisfy market requests and client needs.

“Being on the other side of the call takes a lot of courage and practice, if you ever receive a call from a telecaller, respect their emotions, don't shout or hang up the call, they are doing their job and trying to earn their living.”

Since a very long time, telemarketing has been in practice and has always been modified as per the growing need and digitalization. Companies have integrated it with their CRM systems and with their websites. Down the line it has become the base of any marketing team. Telemarketing industry was in action and will always be, because of its versatile nature. It is playing a vital role in every aspect of business from call centers to top notch businesses. Everything depends upon how you approach your clients.

Be it a telecaller or a freelancer, they are somewhat at the same page, both are trying to communicate with their customers. If you want to learn communication and sales and want to close a high ticket sale then click the link and join Crop Shop #learningsithenewCOOL campaign.


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Aug 21, 2021

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