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Time to REDESIGN your next Presentation!

You spent hours preparing your presentation yet the audience didn’t even recognise the efforts and hard work you put in designing it. Isn’t that frustrating?

I know it is time-consuming to create an engaging presentation, but now it’s time to wow your audience, the secret is revealed in this blog. Let's go through the fundamental design ideas of different components of a presentation and get some glimpse about how to incorporate them into your next presentation to impart better information & your business model to the viewers.

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Keep in mind the following points before heading towards the making part.

“Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” ― Stephen Keague

Don’t give designing the first shot, first, do the proper research and ask these very important questions to yourself while choosing the best fit for your requirement:

  1. What is your Presentation Topic?

  2. Your Targeted Audience?

  3. Content/information to convey?

  4. Theme to follow?

  5. Visual aids to Incorporate?

5 HACKS! your way through Monotonous Presentations.

Answer the above-mentioned 5 questions before anything else and then choose the best-suited hack from the list mentioned below to engage with your future audience.

Hack #1 Minimal Designs

Hack #1 Minimal Designs

How about creating a base template and modifying it with some tweaks to suit your goals?

This template is a multipurpose template, which can be used for different and unique topics. At first, you need to identify the common elements like placing of the logo, image, content, type of fonts, colour, transitions used in most of your presentation, then head towards the software to design an empty layout template. The outcome of this will give you your Multipurpose Minimal Presentation template design which is best for your business and is more engaging and up to your needs.

Pick the professional style if your crowd has an administrative or business individual’s profile. Create best suited for making content that speaks for themselves.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

Hack #2: Layouts

Hack #2: Layouts

You must be familiar with layouts from magazines and papers Yes, those predominantly used section called grids. In this, the page is isolated into sections and afterwards, content is designed to sit across these segments in a favourable mix, which helps in creating the elements of the layout. Similarly, these grids can be applied to the presentation template you designed in hack #1.

Why grid, your way through a presentation?

A Layout framework serves to spread out data in a clear and simple manner to follow the purpose of your presentation. It is ideal for a proficient PPT that requires a proper style and a confined tone. You can likewise apply it for clinical or research presentations that need more collectedness.

Hack #3: Images

It is ideal for those searching for unique graphics to follow up with the trend. They are flexible, easy to use, understand, and moulded to boost any presentation's layout effectiveness.

Image: A crowd magnet!!

Hack #3: Images, A crowd magnet

An image gives a dynamic, easygoing, fun and surprisingly moving touch to a presentation. Furthermore, visual assets (like videos, memes, diagrams, GIFs, screenshots, photography, or images and pictures) are the key to innovative styles and designs. They can quickly catch the eye of your audience and guarantee a ‘ like something never seen before experience to the viewers.

Along these lines, it's not only an instance of using pleasant images on the slide but also to relate it with your data/content, spreading them out well and utilizing the yield, shading, and imaginative techniques in your Presentation to showcase the images properly and give them an elegant and modern look.

Hack #4 Illustrations

Hack #4 Illustrations

Similarly to Google Doodles, it's tasteful, and an extraordinary method to add a humane touch to your template by drawings. It demonstrates that even gigantic partnerships can have a charming and particular inventive side. Designers and advertisers utilise hand-attracted representations to add a fun and agreeable component to their slides.

HAHAHA… I still remember that information!

It has a carefree tone, a bit of humour (always the best thing to have), which helps easily memorise the data and makes sure that your viewers are never zoned out.

Hack #5 Slide to the next Slide!

Hack #5 Slide to the next Slide!

A decent transition within a presentation helps to keep the audience engaged during your presentation. For instance, utilizing 'split' or any other transition that starts in the slide would cause the audience to notice the focal point of the screen. It's a tedious task to keep the crowd engaged between slide changes, yet an appropriately utilized transition can truly help to spark up your presentation and help the viewers to connect better.

Animation & transitions help the viewers to relate with each element displayed on the screen and also to be with the speaker. The presenter gets a chance to connect with his viewers emotionally as well.

Now, the ball is on your slide!

Get your content shaped and wow your audience each time you are on the stage to present your next presentation.

Need some more presentation ideas hope to the website and get your idea shaped, Ohh! Did I forget to mention that Crop Shop expertise in all these 5 HACKS??

Let’s engage your audience! Take a look at the website and get inspired!


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