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Top 3 Ways to earn Money via Digital Platform With Minimal Investment.

If you Google "Earning money via social media", guess how many results you would get?

About 12,10,00,000 results (0.58 seconds) !!! Isn't that crazy?

If you Google about "Earning money via social media", guess how many results you would get? About 12,10,00,000 results (0.58 seconds) !!! Isn't that crazy!

As per a report in July 2021, the number of social media users has increased to an unbelievable mark of 4.48 Billion, with every person averaging having eight accounts on a different social media platform. With the growth of digital platforms, many ways have emerged where making a living out of digital media platforms is possible. This has opened up many new avenues to generate income through these virtual spaces. Some ways to make money on the internet look too good to be true, but almost all of them require some field knowledge, to begin with.

Growth of social media across globel.

Social media is an interactive technology that helps to create and exchange data, career interests and information through Internet networks. There are many social media platforms at present where you can be an influencer or an entrepreneur. Top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, that used to serve as social media, have now turned into advertising platforms for many companies where they promote their business and gain profit.

Among different ways to earn money, we have listed the TOP 3 ways to earn money using social media platforms with minimal investment. One of the basic requirements for all the 3 ways is that you should have a decent audience which follows you.

1. Product Listing: You can create a digital or physical product and sell it on social media platforms. Digital products such as ebooks can be listed on Amazon Kindle and apart from this, there are many product listing sites, where you can get your product registered and listed and share the link directly with your audience. For Physical products, a large amount of capital is required to manufacture them in the first place. On top of that, if you decide to sell it directly through social media on your own, then you would have to take care of logistics, customer care, shipping, etc. But you can start with dropshipping, it doesn't require any of the management parts, it only requires you to find the best product and the suitable audience. If you are ready with a product, you can also host it to Crop Shop for FREE. The only investment required in your product listing is the cost associated with its making.

Product Listing Layout.

2. Online Tutorials: If you have skills in a particular domain, and you feel confident in transferring your knowledge to others, then the concept of online classes is not a bad option, especially during this COVID pandemic. Build a brand, that will help you attract more learners and then start with its promotion on free platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. But out of all this first, you need to get your content ready, then frame it, and after that promotions and connections come into the picture. It is good to start with only one skill and then gradually add new elements. To start with you can select a topic and create content accordingly:

How to make _________

Top places to visit in _______


Any study subject

Demonstration of video tutorials and classes.

Once your content is ready, you can either post it on YouTube with good video editing and thumbnail design or can host them on a website and can start earning with it. The only investment required in your online tutorial is the cost associated with making the video content, this can vary from ₹200 - ₹1000 per video, depending on the work, you can hire a good video editor or can learn the skill yourself to avoid this cost too which will make it a 0 investment source of income.

3. YouTube Channel: Being a YouTuber is one of the most fascinating and fastest-growing professions among the masses. You can earn money on YouTube, depending on the number of views and subscribers you have on your channel. You are completely dependent on yourself, sometimes you have to work 7 hrs/day to make content for YouTube and sometimes you can go totally blank, but once you figure out the complete process and flow, everything becomes easy and smooth. The Investments required is very basic and you probably might have most of the things already:-


Camera (DSLR or phone camera will also do)


Video editing skills and software

YouTube interface.

You can choose your domain of videos and can focus on that domain only. The only investment required in this is for your video editing software, or you can also hire an editor to minimise your cost. Video editing costs can vary from ₹500 - ₹1000 per video, depending on the work.

The Internet presents a world of possibilities & with a little commitment and hard work, you can earn good money online. If you still face difficulty in figuring out the best way for yourself, feel free to visit Crop Shop, a in one platform for your digital guide and growth.


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