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Video Editing FT. Youtube

It's everyone's dream to become a YouTube content creator - a job where you get paid to do what you love.

Videos On YouTube

When it comes to posting any video content, YouTube is the ultimate destination. While this platform is risky, it's even more rewarding, where some creators have skyrocketed their next reach, some are still struggling to make their way into the market. It is a platform that engages huge traffic, posting suitable content mixed with appropriate tweaks.

Videos have the superpower to go viral in a fraction of seconds, but with great power comes great responsibility, so each video is first shot and then edited to look presentable.

Video editing ... What?

Video editing is a post-production process that involves:

- Rearrange, add or delete parts of video clips.

- Applying various filters and enhancements to an existing video clip

-Color correction and sound mixing

- Transitions between clips.

- Graphic and text animation

Why is video editing important for YouTubers?

It is not only essential for YouTubers, but for every video creator, especially vloggers. It is very important to understand the lineup of videos and the story to be transmitted because each shot is not quality content and cannot be uploaded to video platforms. Let's dive deep into the concept to get a solid understanding of the importance of editing and video.

Raw Videos

Edited Videos

Raw footage is unprocessed camera output that a videographer captures while shooting.

The edited video has no unwanted footage and has a combination of multiple clips to complete the story. Video editing is generally considered a post-production job.

Collection of multiple footage along with unwanted video footage.

Helps to create content defect free and unwanted parts of the movie.

Color typically appears flat or dull. Doesn't include much color information, the footage looks lifeless.

Color gradient and color correction turn boring movies into captivating videos.

There is a lack of clear sound effects and dialogue delivery, making it difficult for the audience to understand the video.

Audio can be handled separately or while the editing process.

The extras are always there and it will only increase your video storage expenses and won't fetch any output.

It can go through multiple versions and keep the best sequel and storyline.

Raw footage is often not stored in sequential order, especially when multiple cameras are involved. This concept cancels the sequence of the plot.

Editors are storytellers. After editing, they weave the perfect narrative from the available shots.

Few ingredients for a perfect YouTube video recipe:

YouTube isn't just about the quality of your content, it's also about how well you express your concept. We went through some key points for you before you upload your next video to YouTube:

Before loading

● Consistency

The key to success is consistency, whether it's YouTube or any other platform. When you post consistently, you present your audience with more opportunities to watch your content. You never know which video could open the door to success and become SUPER VIRAL. You can stack the deck in your favor by loading it more often. YouTube rewards consistent channels by pushing them higher in search and recommended lists.

● Logo and introduction

The very first detail any new visitor will observe is how engaging your channel is, whether the logo and video niche are similar or not, whether the intro matches the channel name or time. Combined intro and outro make up to 50% of your video to allow any visitor to watch the video. It is the duty of the content creator to convince their viewers that this is what they were looking for and that they made the right choice by clicking on this video thumbnail and it will meet their expectations.

● Background music

Technology has adapted our minds in such a way that we get bored so quickly that it's important for content creators to keep their viewers busy by using attractive audio effects in their videos. Background music not only grabs the viewer's attention but also helps build an emotional connection with the video content. Sometimes it's the background music that makes that video epically recognizable to anyone watching.

● Be clearly audible

Even if you have made a great video but the dialogue quality is not adequate, viewers will immediately switch to a few more videos.

● Duration of the video

Time, a precious commodity for everyone, people look for content that meets their needs in a short amount of time and creates a sense of satisfaction.

● Impact results

An outro is a must to achieve many goals simultaneously with content that is 5 to 10 seconds long. These seconds help keep viewers on the channel. Outros often include

- Call to action requires

-Link to previous videos

- Social media widgets

- Sign-off for each video for a personal touch

While loading

● SEO for YouTube:

The title is probably one of the most important parts of any video. Using relevant keywords in the title ensures a high ranking in Google and YouTube searches.

The description field on YouTube is another opportunity to let search engines know what your video is about. These descriptions also appear as rich snippets in search results.

● Hashtag

YouTube tags are words and phrases used to provide context for YouTube on a video. These tags are considered an important ranking factor in your YouTube search algorithm.

- First tag = target keyword

When it comes to video SEO, YouTube pays close attention to the first few tags. So make sure your first tags are exact keywords, word for word, for which you want your video to be ranked.

- Use a mix of broad and targeted tags

It is also important to use broad tags. Broad tags help provide YouTube with important context on your video.

Targeted tags help YouTube understand the specific topic of your videos.

● Thumbnail

A video thumbnail gives its viewers a glimpse of what the full video will be, in a way that forces a viewer to open our video while browsing YouTube. Designing thumbnails for your videos is part of digital art, and there are many digital agencies like ours that can help you create a YouTube thumbnail that stops scrolling.

Your video idea is conveyed efficiently when all of these ingredients are mixed into your content. Here at Crop Shop, we can help you reach your full potential. Editing professionals will help your videos grab viewers' attention and grow your channel, which is any YouTuber's ultimate goal. So far we have helped more YouTubers grow their channel from scratch, your channel may be next!


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