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Social Account Management

A Digital Account Manager understands and helps to set client expectations, as they become the advocate of the strategy and a trusted advisor to the client. We will guide the client with key decisions about the specifics of the campaigns from keywords to creatives to content to measurable KPIs.

We will build rapport with the client and genuinely gain the client’s trust as the client is dependent on the Account Manager to give recommendations that benefit his or her business.

Social Media Accounts

We will be generally responsible for planning, developing and managing clients' digital strategy to improve your web presence and achieve your digital marketing goals. In addition, we will be responsible for building and managing relationships with existing and potential clients for your business.

Social Account Management

How we will be helping you?

We will be managing your Social Account so that you get time to focus on other aspects of your business expansion and leave the digital worries to Crop Shop.

We will post on your Instagram account on your behalf.

We will mine appropriate description and hashtags for you and place them rightly wherever required. 

We will reply to the comments on the posts we upload. 

4 promotional post on every 30 post.

What we will do for you

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